Lusana deals every day with different and unexpected situations. Its greatest differentiation has to do with the variety of products it sells. Customer orders are, sometimes, challenges for the company and the founding partners always say: “Internationalizing is much more than exporting”.

Headquartered in São João da Madeira, Lusana is an international trading company that works mainly with the African market. Proof of this are the two companies that has created in Cape Verde: Habquimica and CVFlamingo. Together they form a cohesive group with extensive knowledge of the international market.

The company is committed to sustained internationalization, step by step, evaluating and enhancing the partners’ business. By demanding the best quality of products, Lusana helps its customers to improve their global competitiveness.

With a team that is still young, made up of professionals with extensive experience in the sector, Lusana also has the support of a network of experienced suppliers. The service provided is based on personalized service to customers and suppliers, direct follow-up in every step of the process, product quality and accurate assessment of the best opportunities.